Be careful of “biodegradable”.


So, you've probably seen a lot of things called “biodegradable”. That’s good, right?

Well maybe, but probably not. You see, not all “biodegradable” is created equal. Those “green” bags or “bio” or "biodegradable" or "eco" bags you’ve seen at dog parks or at the shops are actually made of plastic. The thing that makes them “biodegradable” is the additives (often heavy metals) that help them break down in the environment. It's basically plastic with metal added to it to make it "eco-friendly" (but it's not). 

So sure, while these plastic bags degrade, it’s just into smaller and smaller bits of plastic. Yep, that's those "microplastics" you've heard about entering the oceans, being ingested by animals and also by us, in the water we drink. Yuck.

This feels like trickery?! And you’re right, it is.

The key is to look out for what something is actually made of. If it starts out as plastic, it’s just going to break down into plastic.

Here’s where we tell you Jerry Bags are completely plastic-free and made of wasted cornstarch and other plants not fit to eat. They’re totally compostable and break down to H2O, CO2 and organic matter you can return to the garden. And most importantly, they leave no toxic residue or harmful micro-plastics. They're also safe for compost worms to eat. Pretty great.

So remember, while all compostable material is biodegradable, not all biodegradable material is compostable. 


📷 Jane Almon oUnsplash
Image description: Adorable white bulldog, Shasta, in fun novelty glasses lying on carpet.

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