We've moved!

We've moved!

There's been a few changes around here, at JerryHQ! 🧐

We've moved our primary domain from www.buryjerry.com to www.jerrybags.com - I mean, it makes sense right?!!

You'll see a few other changes to our design and packaging to bring this change alive! All good though, Jerry Bags are still the same great totally compostable poop bags - thick, strong long & created from corn 🤘🌱♻️

Everything we send you is still totally compostable, Yep, you can still #buryjerry !

Oh and don't worry if you get lost & head to our old home! You'll get redirected to the right place easily enough (how good is the internet!).

Keep your peepers peeled - we have some exciting new product news coming soon 🤩💥

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